Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Don't Buy Magazines at Barnes & Noble: Why Subscriptions are So Much Cheaper!

Photo Courtesy morgueFile.comSome people must really like immediate gratification. This concept not only occurs to me when I look at how many people buy new cars (which lose more than half of their value within a span of two years) or lattes that cost $6 apiece. It also becomes abundantly clear that some people simply have to have what they want right now, when I observe that they go to expensive retail shops in order to purchase items that are marked up substantially. When it comes to books, there are tons of better alternatives, with equal quality and dramatically lower prices. And the same is true in regard to magazine subscriptions purchasing the exact same magazine for double the best possible price, when you know that you’ll want it in the future any way, makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Buying a book at Barnes & Noble is silly enough, in the context that we live in a world where there are online web sites where you can buy or trade any kind of book that has been published in the modern world. But consider that every single time you buy a magazine at such a retail establishment, not only are you paying for their “high end” mark up (which is really just a subsidy you pay, so that their sales floor can occupy a “nice” part of town). You also happen to be paying a much higher price for the magazine, because of its own profit requirements.

As any reasonably investor could tell you, most magazine and news paper companies have been having a very difficult time selling physical copies and advertising space over the past few years. With most of the world being found online in this day and age, the concept that someone is going to place an ad (or find an ad) in a paper is becoming more and more archaic as time goes on. And since profit margins have been dropping, it makes perfect sense that magazine companies either want larger amounts of cash per individual magazine “unit,” or the on going security that whoever receives the magazine will continue receiving it.

The nature of a magazine subscription is that it is a continual operation. For, say, $20 a year, the magazine can be fairly certain that you will continue wanting to receive it. And since repeat customers are what keep any business afloat, this kind of loyalty should naturally be rewarded.

And of course, the exact opposite situation can also hold true. If a person decides to go to a news stand (or high end retail establishment) and purchase a single copy of a magazine, there is no relationship there at all. It is a one time transaction, and the person should expect to pay WAY more. So economize, and plan for your future – planning nearly always saves money.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Flowers are a Good Option ANY Time of Year

Photo Courtesy morgueFileYou may have it in your mind that flowers are only appropriate, or "needed" for special occasions or holidays, but that's just not so! Flowers are a wonderful way to say "I love you" and "You're special," any time of the year!

Roses, in particular, make a great Valentine's Day gift, but they're also a super way to say "Happy Birthday!," "Get Well," or even that dreaded, "I'm Sorry." In fact, taking along a bouquet of roses—or better yet, having them delivered to your loved one's office—is almost guaranteed to bring along forgiveness.

And with online sales, discounts and year-round prices, almost anyone can afford to send flowers. Visit 1800flowers today and see if you don't agree. You can thank me later for this great advice that is sure to improve your relationship with your sweetie.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Took this looking out my home office window a few minutes ago. Aren't they beautiful?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Avon Planet Spa Mediterranean Olive Oil Conditioning Hair Mask

What could be better than a hair mask for your luscious locks than ingredients that come right from nature? And olive oil is one of those natural ingredients that is incredibly nutritious for hair and makes it feel soft and silky too! Avon has realized the potential of olive oil and infused it into their Planet Spa Mediterranean Olive Oil Conditioning Mask. And in addition to the olive oil, Avon has also included olive leaf extract to boot! So you can be sure that every drop is filled with the goodness that can only come from olives.

Avon Planet Spa Mediterranean Olive Oil Conditioning Hair Mask has very easy instructions and whether you want to use it every day, or just use it as a deep treatment every week or so, the choice is yours! When using the hair mask every day, just apply it after washing your hair in the shower. Leave it on for a minute or so and then rinse it out. Or use it every week, again applying it right after washing your hair and then leaving it on for ten to twenty minutes. Rinse it out and run your hands through it to feel just how incredibly soft this hair mask leaves your locks.

This olive oil hair mask from Avon Planet Spa can be used on all hair types. It’s great for thick hair that has a tendency to frizz because it will keep your hair sleek and shiny. But those with fine hair can also take full advantage of the hair mask because the mask will leave no residue, so it won't weigh it down! Plus, the Avon Planet Spa Mediterranean Olive Oil Conditioning Hair Mask also has SUV protection. So the sun won't dry that hair out either!

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Avon Anew 2-Step Facial Peel

Aging is something that none of us can avoid. Luckily, there are many products on the market that can help stop the cosmetic aspect of aging such as brown spots, wrinkles, and large pores. But how do you know which ones will actually work and which ones just want to burn a hole in your pocket? One product that you can absolutely trust is Avon's Anew 2-Step Facial Peel.

This facial peel is unlike any other, from the way you use it to the results you'll see. The Avon Anew 2-Step Facial Peel works to tighten pores, get rid of fine lines, and erase aging spots. So, how does it work?

Avon Anew 2-Step Facial Peel comes in two different jars and each jar contains 30 pads. The first jar is white and contains glycolic pads. These are the pads that will really have the most effect on the aging elements. Using one of these pads, simply wipe it all over your face and neck and leave on for five minutes.

Once time is up, use a pad from the second jar, which is gray. These pads are neutralizer pads and should also be wiped over every area that the glycolic pad was used. Once that step is complete, you're done! There’s no peeling off a mask, which can sometimes be difficult and painful. And your skin will be left silky and soft. You should start to see and feel the results instantly.

As an added bonus, you don't even need to use the facial peel every day! Use it every two days, as Avon suggests and you'll see smaller pores, a reduction in fine lines, and evenly-toned skin. Not only will you see the results, but you'll also feel them with that reassuring tingle that’s left on your skin!

The Avon Anew 2-Step Facial Peel is an innovative and ingenious product that can help anyone reduce the effects of aging on their face. And, because it’s an Avon product, it comes from a name you can trust.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Traditions

Photo Courtesy morgueFileWith Thanksgiving coming up next week, I've been thinking about holiday traditions. Used to be, when my parents were still alive, that hubby and I would travel to northern Indiana every Thanksgiving.

We'd take along Christmas gifts for all the family, and white elephant items (yard sale stuff) that we used as prizes for Bingo. We'd spend several days with Mom and Dad and visit all the family and old hang-outs. I miss those times. In fact, I guess I miss my parents the most at Thanksgiving.

Now, we're developing our own traditions, but it's not quite the same. Our son and his wife will visit for lunch then head to her parent's home and Dad and I will sit around playing Yahtzee. After the years with my very loud family, it's a lot quieter, that's for sure.

What are you Thanksgiving traditions? I'd love to hear what others are doing!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Need a Gift? Try

Photo Courtesy morgueFileIn need of flowers for a special occasion? is a great place to go. Whether they're for a gift or for a special occasion, is almost guaranteed to have something suitable. Find many options, from flower baskets to gift baskets for the new bride, new mom, birthday or other special occasion. Whether you want a simple bouquet or a full fledged gift you'll find it here.

With delivery included in the price you can easily cross the flowers off of your list of things to do and be on your way with the rest of your shopping.

Why not liven up your holiday dinner with a wonderful floral centerpiece? Flowers brighten any occasion and bring a breath of fresh air to any d├ęcor. For under $30 you can have your choice of many different selections. And with same day delivery available in many areas you can't go wrong.

Make someone's day. Send them a gift that will bring a smile to their face, and remind them you care.